/‘We provide operational visibility around people, processes & tech’

‘We provide operational visibility around people, processes & tech’

New Delhi: Enterprise workforce analytics provider Sapience Analytics was founded in Pune, India, in 2007 and went global in 2017. Privately held, Sapience customers include around 90 companies spread across 18 countries. The company’s business analytics platform Sapience Vue offers analytics into people, processes and technology. In an e-mail interview, Rohit Singla, executive vice president, Sapience Analytics discusses the company’s offering, relevance in the post Covid 19 era, and its plans for the future. Edited excerpts:

What products and solutions do you have for enterprise workforce analytics?

Sapience Vue Solution is Sapience’s enterprise work activity monitoring & analytics solution. It is a contactless and automated solution that captures effort data keeping employee privacy at its core.

It’s a business analytics platform powered by business intelligence and machine learning that provides visibility into the effort and utilization of people, processes and technology.

Given the fundamental shift in where work is conducted and how it gets done, how do businesses ensure continuity, productivity, and management effectiveness? And how can organizations gain visibility into work performance without infringing on employee privacy?

The Sapience Vue solution provides a data-driven view of workforce (employee and contingent worker) effort without invading their privacy – providing an enlightened approach to remote work management. The solution works without the use of intrusive surveillance tactics such as screen scraping, keystroke capture, location tracking or video recording.

What kind of data/information do you collect to do the analytics?

We provide enterprise workforce analytics for customers seeking to move from manual self-reporting to actual data. Sapience workplace analytics technology aggregates thousands of data points – digital output from every corner of the enterprise, every 15 seconds – to provide operational visibility around people, processes, and technology.

These insights are then translated into prescriptive reports providing the What, When, and Where to support data-driven digital transformation.

Sapience Vue connects with endpoint devices such as desktops and laptops, working in the background, capturing work patterns and productivity metrics from a variety of applications such as Office 365, email applications, and more. Sapience Analytics helps organizations align workforce effort and outcomes by giving organizations actual accounting of hours worked and deliverables/outcomes sourced via a data mashup of work systems and systems of record, including ERP systems, customer care platforms, ITSM systems, etc.

By measuring the digital footprint and activities of workers, Sapience Analytics extrapolates critical performance trends that span people, processes, devices and software platforms. This can provide insights on capacity, software utilization, and process bottlenecks to optimize the workforce.

Since March end, due to Covid 19, most employees across India Inc have been working from home and this trend is likely to stay for a long term. What kind of tweaks did you have to make to analyse the workforce working from home?

We have been helping companies transition to a work-from-home business model for the past 10 years, so our offerings have been built to support work from home, work from office, or really work from anywhere.

In 2020, it became clear that the nature of work is changing forever. In response to this, we expanded our portfolio to deliver a multifaceted view of enterprise effort, with visibility into enterprise processes and technology, while also bringing to market Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Recently Sapience entered into a partnership with Redington.

Our partnership with Redington will help us expand our footprint in India and expand the ability to serve this market as companies navigate the post-pandemic workforce. In the digital-first world, businesses are embarking upon deploying increasingly sophisticated IT systems to automate and modernize their operations.

Via Redington, our solution will now be sold through a network of Redington’s more than 30,000 channel partners, system integrators, and resellers.

What’s your strategy for the India market? Where do you see Sapience in the next 3 to 5 years?

Covid-19 has accelerated organizations in evaluating their location strategy for supporting their workforce demands and in using technology to help them. We are doubling down on our business development and sales hiring in India as we have seen a lot of interest from media, construction, and biotech firms.

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