/Tweet Buster: Two years to return to pre-Covid growth! Will Q2 offer hope?

Tweet Buster: Two years to return to pre-Covid growth! Will Q2 offer hope?

NEW DELHI: The liquidity-driven rally on Dalal Street led the benchmark indices higher for the third consecutive week, even as a number of market veterans kept cautioning investors that there might be a ride shock awaiting the bulls. With the June quarter earnings season kicking off next week, will it prove to be a wakeup call for investors? That’s the topic buzzing on Twitter this weekend besides how India can reduce reliance on China? Here are a few samples of the thoughts the top guns of Dalal Street shared through the week.

iThought’s co-founder Shyam Sekhar says Q1 is over and no one is excited about its outcome. And as Q2 starts on a note of fear, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future, yet stocks are rallying. But why? Liquidity, says he.

Independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal highlights the just 1 per cent QoQ growth in HDFC Bank’s advances for June quarter, cautioning investors that other banks should be much worse off.

Sabharwal is of the view that the Indian economy might be headed for stagflation and the Pre-Covid levels of economic growth is still two years away.

Sabharwal says the government must stay away from the rhetorics on China front and instead create conditions so that Make in India plays out. Even then he sees little possibility of that happening before 2026.

Aveek Mitra, Founder & CEO of Avekast Advisory, shares tips on how mutual fund and PMS investors can calculate the annual performance of the funds they have invested in. His simple formula: see how much you invested and how much is the current value of your investment in percentage terms!

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