/Start your financial journey in 2021

Start your financial journey in 2021

The year gone by surely made us sit back and think of the most important things in life. The realisation of having adequate savings to survive a crisis like situation hit us hard. Pay cuts, layoffs and personal loss of a loved one dominated the year for many.

Among the only two silver linings to this challenging time was the announcement of Covid-19 vaccine and people’s enlarged interest in protecting their wealth.

However, many individuals find it difficult to cope with the feeling of missing out (FOMO) when it comes to their finances. Someone at the age of 50, may be found pondering whether he had invested adequately or not. Whether your retirement goals are 10 years away or you are looking at an early retirement, all you need is a bird’s eye view.

Even seasoned investors find themselves doubting if they have invested enough, everytime there’s a swing in the stock market.

Do your financial goals play a greater role than the age you start your investments? Can corporate professionals, salaried or self-employed individuals identify positive signs to know if they have missed the bus?

Expert from Edelweiss Tokio Life, Vivek Bengani and renowned Financial Planner and Author, Gaurav Mashruwala are coming together for the fifth edition of “Be Future Ready Financially – A Webinar Series” to address all your queries and help you get ready for the future, financially.

The exclusive session will guide you to start your financial journey in 2021 and create synergy between family and financial values. To register, click here .

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