/Jim Cramer reveals his top stocks in 7 under-the-radar bull markets

Jim Cramer reveals his top stocks in 7 under-the-radar bull markets

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Thursday highlighted multiple parts of the market where he sees stock prices rising and can continue to rise, whether lawmakers in Washington agree to another round of stimulus spending or not.

American consumers and small businesses, grappling with double-digit unemployment and a pandemic-induced downturn, are waiting to see if lawmakers will strike a deal on more relief, particularly in the form of direct checks for individuals and assistance for distressed companies, but talks between Democrats and Republicans have yet to yield a result.

Despite this, Cramer said investors can still find opportunities on the market that can climb higher even if negotiators cannot overcome disagreements.

“Main Street may indeed need a stimulus deal, but Wall Street can do just fine without one, and so can your portfolio as long as you focus on the bull markets that don’t need no stinking bailout,” the “Mad Money” host said.

While housing-related, cloud-based and work-from-home stocks have composed some of the hottest investment choices this year, Cramer pointed out the best stock picks in other rising industries that he thinks remain under the radar.



Used cars



Chemical companies



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