/Is this mutual fund portfolio in line with my aggressive risk profile?

Is this mutual fund portfolio in line with my aggressive risk profile?

I am 31 years old, married, and I have a high risk appetite. I have been investing in these mutual funds through SIPs:
ICICI Equity & Debt Fund (Direct, Growth): Rs 2,000
Motilal Oswal Multicap 35 Fund (Direct, Growth): Rs 2,000
IDFC Tax Advantage Fund (Direct, Growth): Rs 5,000
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund (Direct, Growth): Rs 2,000
I am also thinking of investing in Axis Bluechip Fund (direct, growth).

Please let me know if I can stay invested in these schemes or do I need to switch to another. My investment horizon is more than five years.
-Ankit Chudawala

You are currently investing in an aggressive hybrid scheme, multi cap scheme, ELSS scheme, a small scheme. Your portfolio is not in line with your stated risk profile. Aggressive hybrid schemes are recommended to new and extremely conservative investors; multi cap schemes are suitable for moderate-risk takers, and small cap schemes are meant for aggressive investors with a very high risk tolerance and ability to withstand volatility. Tax saving funds or ELSS funds mostly follow a multi cap strategy. As you can see, your portfolio is not focused on your profile.

Axis Bluechip Fund is a large cap mutual fund. Large cap schemes are recommended to conservative investors who want to grow their investments without exposing them to a lot of volatility.

It seems you are not clear about your risk profile or basics of investing in mutual funds. You should revisit your risk profile (take an online quiz if needed), then try to align your portfolio in line with your risk profile. If you are not very clear about mutual fund basics, you should seek the help of a mutual fund advisor. Please do not invest in risky options like mid cap and small cap schemes if you do not have a long investment horizon of at least seven to 10 years.

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