/Clients are spending on digital from investment budgets as well: Infosys CEO

Clients are spending on digital from investment budgets as well: Infosys CEO

Bengaluru: chief executive Salil Parekh said the company and industry as a whole sees more opportunities for growth in the next few years, as businesses are spending in digital technology-led transformation projects from their investment budgets and not only from their IT budgets.

“AI, Automation which are driving a lot of the focus with our large clients and the savings from that is built into scale up of digital. Going beyond cost, this has become a growth driver for the company. In that sense it is independent of the IT budget because some of it is really an investment budget also,” said Parekh at the Kotak’s Chasing Growth Conference on Tuesday.

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He added that the interactions with its clients suggest that while IT budgets are important; part of the budget is coming from business investment as organisations are focusing on transformation.

Parekh added that the investments in digital technologies are somewhat decoupling from IT budgets of organisations.

Infosys chief executive reiterated that the digital focus is driving the growth within Infosys and broadly for its large enterprise clients as well.

“What we have seen is that clients are accelerating the use of digital and cloud because it is giving them better growth and efficiency. In that light many of the decisions we made to build capabilities are fuelling the growth and that is what broadly fuelling the growth within the industry as well,” Parekh said.

The Bengaluru-headquartared software services exporter said it is seeing a better win rate in large deals and its “One Infosys” approach, which brings all employees together to work for the best interest of the clients, is helping the company grow faster. “Win rates are looking better for us,” said Parekh without divulging any specific data.

“Our focus very much remains on what our clients are looking for,” said Parekh, adding that Infosys built the right capabilities to meet the demand for digital technology-led service from clients. “We see the internet of things in the manufacturing sector, cybersecurity as some of the very strong themes. Cloud will remain as a central part of that in the years to come,” he added.

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