/Skip the Sun Belt: 10 perfect states for retirees

Skip the Sun Belt: 10 perfect states for retirees

If you’re gearing up for retirement, forget the Sun Belt states.

Beaches, sunny days and low taxes are just a handful of criteria you ought to consider when finding a place to live for the remainder of your life, said Claes Bell, an analyst at Bankrate.

“It’s not a place where you’re going on vacation,” he said. Florida, for instance, ranked 17th, because crime was a bigger issue there than in other locales.

California, meanwhile, offered the best weather, but ranked 42nd due to its high taxes.

Be sure to weigh your options if you can’t drive and whether you can easily access your care providers.

Your accessibility to a social network also is important.

“A support network of family and friends will be important as you get older,” said Bell. “You can’t get isolated — it can lead to issues with well-being.”

The following is the top 10. Find out how your state ranks here.

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