/Ransomware allegedly hits Indiabulls Group: Cyble

Ransomware allegedly hits Indiabulls Group: Cyble

NEW DELHI: A ransomware has allegedly hit Indiabulls Group and threatened to leak critical data owned by its group companies, according to cyber intelligence firm Cybel. “The leaked data seems to be a warning by the ransomware operators to Indiabulls group to accept their terms within 24 hours. Otherwise, Clop (a ransomware-type virus) operators tend to leak a large lot of the company’s confidential data,” Cyble said in its blog.

A query sent to Indiabulls in this matter did not elicit an immediate reply.

“Just as in the case of previous data leaks, the Cyble Research Team has identified and analysed leaked documents (of Indiabulls Housing Finance),” it said, adding that the current data leak includes snapshots of highly sensitive bank-related documents of the company such as account transaction details, vouchers, letters sent to bank managers, and much more.

The cyber intelligence firm said that a gateway of Indiabulls had a technical vulnerability but it could not verify whether the breach in Indiabulls system had taken place due to the same vulnerability.

Indiabulls Group was founded in 1999 as a financial services company.

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